Can College Ever Be Free (non political)

This is something that has caught our attention due to the recent elections in the US and it’s a question that keeps on being addressed, especially by students and their families. What people in general need to keep in mind, is that nothing is free. Professor need to be paid, the staff working at the Universities needs compensation, and let me not even get into the building maintenance costs etc. So if college was “free” from somewhere these resources would need to come from. Yes, you guessed it…taxes. More taxes!

So what that means that it isn’t really free. You will still end up paying for it. And guess what; you will be paying it every year, regardless of whether you have children or whether they intend to go to college. And say they graduate, why do you need to keep on paying years after that? Also, wouldn’t you be more wise with your own money when it came to college selections? I mean, if someone wants to go to the most prestige college in the market, let him pay for it by himself. Why should society take the burden for that? Generally speaking, civilians and everyday people, know how to handle their money much better than the government does. And not because of their technical and financial skills, but simply because it hurts when reckless spending is done. But when a politician spends countless amounts of money, there is no worry nor consequence there. I you goof financially, you know there is a food line waiting for you. But for the politician there is no consequence, so he will keep on spending recklessly. That is why socialism doesn’t work and this is why, in 2017 people need to educate themselves and look at history: socialism and government interference has never benefited us people when it came to education, healthcare etc. But as I said, I won’t get political. I will save that for some other time.

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If I Don’t Get An Education I’m Screwed (no)

Pretty much the main topic behind this, has been discussed over and over again. It is understood that getting a college education nowadays is something like a fashion trend. Which is why so many people are getting stacks of loans on their backs, without understanding really the reason why they are doing it. One of the main misconceptions for people, is that if they don’t get into a college program, they will need to live on food stamps etc.

When you walk into the real world, you will understand that is not the case. I know many contractors (don’t need a college degree for that) and trades people that are millionaires and doing well for their families and themselves. The problem today, isn’t a lack of money but rather a lack of people that are willing to work 80 hours/week to thrive in life and in business. People are waiting for the handout (and it doesn’t need to be state handout) and the parent’s allowance. Well, guess what…your parent’s are going to live forever and you need to start to learn “how to fish.”

A very good friend of mine that owns a deconstruction company out in Atlanta, GA (click here to view the company) was saying something very interesting in regards to the employees working for him and their approach in life. According to him, a great majority of his construction workers, had thought of going for a college education and were mentally qualified to attend a college program. They had the grades and the full package: however they knew that when it came to making money to support your family, a piece of paper (the diploma) doesn’t really matter. You can’t buy bread with that at the grocery store. So they started off from a very early age, working for other construction companies and when they got the experience and knowledge, they joined his company.

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Taking Notes VS Making Notes?

Hello to everyone!

It has been a while since my latest blog, and I’m all set and ready to draft today’s away. So today’s topic has to do with the difference between taking notes in college (or anywhere for that matter – this is just a college blog) and making notes. Well, as the words suggest, the one focuses on keeping notes for something that is being said (a lecture for example) while the other ones has to do with making up your own material for studying purposes.

Actually, both types of “notes” are used for studying purposes. However in one case, you are basically using quoted material from someone else, while in the approach #2 you gather a bunch of information from different sources and make something new.

So when it comes to studying or preparing for studies, what approach should one prefer? One could argue that taking notes is better because you are using information directly from the qualified person giving the lecture and the one who most likely will decide the questions you will be called to answer during the test. Others will suggest that it’s better to find a bunch of other books that have the information you are looking for, and phrase it in your own unique way and a way that will help you understand it when you study.

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Financial Education – A Necessity

People for some reason are under the impression that the only ones that need to know about finances and making ends meet in their lives, are professional finance people and accountants. Regardless of whether you are an English teacher, a mathematician, a Physics scientist, an engineer or a medical doctor, we all pretty much need to know how to handle our “business.” I ain’t talking about a company or a local business, but our financials. We need to learn money management, how to grow that money and to live healthy lives.

When people come out of High School and go straight to college, most of them know the very basics: swipe that credit card all day long. They don’t understand how the credit system works, or what’s it used for, what are the cons of using it and having bad credit score etc. As long as that card is paying for product,  most Americans (young Americans) don’t really care what happens and who pays for it in reality. You think there is a college debt problem in the U.S.A? Think twice…there is a credit card debt in the US. People think credit cards are a toy they can swipe all day long.

But to be honest, that is the least of our problems…

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How To Pay For College

Although my goal here at The Marvelwoods School isn’t to give you financial education, when it comes to college education and trying to cover the loan amounts, it’s something that everyone needs advice about it. If you refer back to something else I wrote recently, you will see me mention that not all children should pursue a college education. When someone goes in and studies liberal arts, without that helping in any way the career he/she will launch afterwards, then it’s a waste of money (and time of course.)

Likewise, students need to be smart about their finances. Not everyone can go to the high prestige university that will give you unlimited potential in your lifetime. Most of the times, people can’t get in there because of not good enough grades (lack of funds, is usually the last reason, and there is always a way to finance those students.) But say you are accepted in a more expensive school: is it expensive because it offers students more opportunity, or is it expensive because it’s located in an extremely expensive state such as California? If you have a mentality: the more expensive it is, the better, I promise you will be paying stupid money. Make sure you do your due diligence and don’t be afraid to ask around.

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Should All Children Get A College Education?

When you look at the tuition costs and even living costs one will have to pay to go to college, many times young students and their families try and weigh the pros and cons of each move. On the one hand you could save $40,000 and be uneducated or cough up that amount (either by bank assistance) or working to raise that money and being considered “educated.”

For anyone that is struggling to make a decision, I believe this question I have for you will give you the answer you need. The answer you will give me on the following question, will help you understand if you really want to have a college education just for the sake of it: do you see all these millennials that are protesting on the streets to be very educated? What is your take? If you had to judge a person just on that action, would you put that person in the educated or uneducated category. I ain’t trying to say  something here…of wait I am! 

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Education: How Important Really?

When things get tough financially and especially when you see your child not really caring about his future and getting a basic education, it can be very daunting for parent. Luckily, most parents today understand how important education is for living a fulfilled life and a life that reaches a full potential (or something near that.) Before I say anything further, I am just going to say that education shouldn’t be thought of something that will provide you with a job. Let’s imagine you can’t get a job with education skills. Would you still do it?

Here’s the thing, in older days people thought that education was kind of a luxury. However the way society has progressed and we are somewhat a little bit more peaceful between us, that all relies and owes to education. If you look through history, you will see that the farther back you go (where education wasn’t given to everyone) the more violence, the more aggressive acts and the more bad things people did to one another. You look at what was happening during mid-evil times and it’s just frighting. Even if you look at the 2 world wars, both of them had supporters people that had little to no education. The way the Nazi movement progressed was through uneducated arrogant people that resulted in killing so many (among which, 6 million Jews.)

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New site, new opportunity and a brand new excitement for education. You pretty much get the feeling of this site, but I will be updating you with great detail about the whole purpose of this launch.

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